Changes in VALORANT patch 6.08

Today we will touch on the news of the updated patch 6.08. This patch brings a number of balance changes, bug fixes and quality of life improvements to the game. In this article, we'll take a closer look at the changes brought in Valorant Patch 6.08.

Changes in patch 6.08


Major changes


First, the patch introduces significant changes to several agents. Viper, for example, received a buff to her Toxic Screen ability, which now deploys faster and can be activated mid-air. In addition, her poison cloud now lingers for a shorter amount of time, making it easier to move around and execute strategies.

Brimstone, on the other hand, saw a reduction in the cost of his incendiary ability, as well as an increase in its overall damage output. The duration of his Sky Smoke has been reduced, but the ability now has a faster cooldown.

Cypher has also received some notable changes: his Trapwire can no longer be destroyed by Sage's Barrier Orb. In addition, his Cybercell ability now has two charges, making it more versatile and giving players more options in combat.


The patch also made some changes to the weapon balance in Valorant. The Bucky shotgun, popular in recent months, has become less accurate during jumps. The Marshal Sniper Rifle has also been nerfed, with its rate of fire reduced and its price increased by 50 credits.


In addition to the balance changes, the patch also brings some quality of life improvements to Valorant. One of the most notable changes is the addition of a "toggle" option for certain abilities such as Recon Bolt Sova and Alarmbot Killjoy. This option allows players to toggle an ability on and off by pressing the same button, instead of having to press a separate button to deactivate it.

The patch also made it easier for players to customize the crosshair with a new interface that allows players to customize the size, color, and opacity of the crosshair. The patch also made some improvements to the in-game store, making it easier to purchase items and navigate the interface.


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