Valorant system requirements for a comfortable game

For a trouble-free and comfortable game, the computer must meet a number of requirements. The higher the PC specifications, the better the performance of the game, the more FPS (frames / sec).

The developers recommend installing Valorant on Windows 10, in which the game runs as stably as possible without errors or with minimal complaints. On older versions of Windows 7, 8 operating systems, Valorant also works, there are just many more problems.

Only 64-bit Windows is a necessary requirement.

The general requirements related to a computer, regardless of the manufacturer and model of the video card, processor, include:

  • the amount of RAM (RAM or RAM) - 4 GB;
  • video memory (VRAM) - 1 GB or more.

The minimum system requirements of Valorant provide a performance of 30, the recommended settings are 60, and the maximum is 144 or more frames per second.

To ensure the described FPS values, the developers on the official website have provided system requirements, which are given in the table below.

 Min. (30 FPS)Avg. (60 FPS)Max. (144+ FPS)
CPUIntel Core 2 Duo E8400Intel i3-4150
Intel Core i5-4460 3,2 GHz
GPUIntel HD 4000GeForce GT 730GTX 1050T

The values ​​are averaged and it is impossible to guarantee such indicators for everyone, since the FPS depends not only on the hardware parameters, but also on other factors, for example, on the Windows version and the availability of the latest hardware driver updates.

In practice, the requirements can be lowered and the indicators in the game will be less. Therefore, it is possible to understand what kind of performance a computer will squeeze out only by empirical (experimental) way. Especially if the PC contains components from other companies. For example, the processor is not Intel, but AMD.

If you have a weak computer, you can do a number of actions with the software, adjust the graphics settings in the game, thus increasing the FPS.

Over time, the requirements may change with updates and development of the game. As new locations, characters, Valorant optimization work are added, the developers will probably try to “lower the entrance” to the game in order to make the shooter more accessible to gamers. Whether it will be possible to reduce the minimum requirements is a big question. Any improvement in computer games requires an improvement in graphics and other components that directly depend on the power of the computer.

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