VALORANT Patch 6.05 Changes

VALORANT is a popular first-person shooter that has captured the attention of gamers around the world. With frequent updates and fixes, the game continues to evolve, providing players with new content and features. This time around, the new changes in the update have updated and improved the gameplay, the communication system, and the performance of the gameplay itself.

Valorat patch 6.05

What's New - Agents


Now the sound has become even better - new variants of explosion sounds have been added, the sound effects of plasma clots have been improved for. So it will be easier to determine where the charge flew - to you or to an ally.

Implemented in the game and a visual moment of how Gekko picks up the balls and brings this action to the final. The balls themselves received visual improvements (now you can see the transformation of enemy pets).
Performance (Settings item) now has a "Waiting for GPU Response" index to help players understand when the graphics card is busy processing threads.
A large number of errors of various formats have also been removed. You can see their entire list on the official website or check with your own game after the Valorant update!

Changes in the quality of life

The patch also brings several quality changes to the game, including:

Spectator mode:

Spectator Mode has been improved, allowing spectators to switch HUDs and control the camera more effectively.

Social features:

Social features have been added to the game, including the ability to view recent players and add them to your friends list.

Game process

Fixed the problem of the crosshair settings import button if you had added (the crosshair became inactive) more crosshair profiles. The maximum number of profiles is 15 pieces.
Players will no longer be able to avoid AoE damage by crouching and jumping.



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