Valorant Viper

Viper is a bright and spectacular female character in Valorant with the code name Pandemic, but she is often called Agent Viper. It belongs to the class of specialists. In the fight against enemies, he uses poison and gas, that is, he uses chemical weapons. Her abilities allow her to work equally effectively in defense and in attack. She is a first-rate killer who is always in the thick of things. Let's get to know this character better and talk about her features and skills. The information will be especially relevant for gamers who want to play for this agent.


The girl has a rather interesting biography, which we invite you to familiarize yourself with:

  • Viper's real name is Sabina Callas.
  • She is from the United States of America.
  • Refers to the human race.
  • Before becoming an agent, Viper was a chemist.
  • He has a PhD and an award for outstanding innovation.

Viper is a favorite of many Valorant players, so users have already created a large number of interesting artworks for this character, one of which is presented below.


A girl with an attractive appearance, beautiful features and a slender figure. She has a short haircut, black hair, and incredibly beautiful green eyes. In Valorant, Viper wears a mask that covers part of his face. When using the ultimate ability, this mask turns into a gas mask and completely covers the face and head, which protects it from the effects of gas and toxins on the body. In it, the girl looks like a reptile.


The agent wears a skin-tight emerald black suit that accentuates her beautiful figure. On the sleeves and in the chest area on the suit there are stripes of bright green color. Viper also wears black high boots with metal knee pads that reach her thighs. She has special gloves on her hands, a black belt with a golden plaque on her waist, she wears protective plates on her shoulders, and on the back of her back is a small container with toxins that the girl uses to infect her enemies.


Enemies often call her a monster, and this is not surprising. Viper is ready to do anything to achieve her goal. She occasionally displays her dislike for other agents as well as defeated foes. She is a ferocious killer who is not afraid to face the enemy head on. Despite her tough personality, she treats her team members with care, but can reprimand them if necessary.

The girl is filled with anger, she wants revenge. And this is due to the fact that some people, whom she considers her worst enemies, took everything from her and deprived her of her usual life. Apparently, the life story of Agent Viper, the Valorant character, is quite harsh, which explains her tough nature.


  1. Basic skill:
  • snake bite - Shoots poisonous capsules that shatter, leaving behind a puddle of acid, causing damage to enemies. Capsules can bounce off walls, but when they hit the ground, they activate and shatter. But keep in mind that the poison in the capsules affects not only enemies, but also members of your team. With their help, you can lure opponents out of hiding.
  • poisonous cloud - the ability consists in throwing a gas atomizer at a long or short distance. The gas cloud can be turned on or off as needed. Also, if necessary, the capsule can be picked up.
  1. Signature Skill:
  • Toxic Veil - the character releases a chain of atomizers that form a long wall of poisonous substances, but fuel is used to maintain it, so it is important to monitor its level. Such a wall blocks the visibility of enemies, and if they fall into its field of action, then it inflicts damage to them with "corruption".
  1. Ultimate Skill:
  • viper's nest - creates a cloud of toxic smoke around itself, which will not dissipate as long as Viper is in it. All who are located in this cloud, get the effect of "spoilage" and, accordingly, lose health. While in a toxic veil in Viper's field of vision, enemies are highlighted in red, making them more visible. This ultimate also affects your allies.

In Valorant, there are many options for deployments, thanks to which Viper can block enemies, clear the area for his team, and also protect them from enemies. But it's important to coordinate toxic weapon deployments with other members of your group so as not to harm them.

Viper Phrases

Maria Fortunatova is the voice of Viper in the game, and many Valorant fans love Russian voice acting much more than English, because, in their opinion, the phrases sound more impressive this way. With the help of intonation, Maria managed to show the character of the character, her arrogance, causticity and inner strength. The agent girl is toxic not only in terms of her abilities, but also in her statements. For example, at the beginning of the match, she says:

- “They call me a monster. Do I have to prove they're right?"

According to some statements of the girl, it can be assumed that they have known Omen for a long time, as evidenced by the replica:

"Keep being their nightmare, old friend."    

But Viper has a clearly strained relationship with Sage. They definitely crossed paths before and most likely even collaborated, but Sage did not cope with her task, for which our character still holds a grudge against her:

- “Sage, you are the only one who can keep us alive. Don't fail us now as you failed me then."

We hope you found our guide to the Viper character useful, which is very popular among gamers in the Valorant game. With his help, you got to know this agent better and got to know his strengths.

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