Esports betting 2023

Sports betting is a popular form of entertainment for people of all genders and ages. Although the main audience of bookmaker customers is men, the number of women who are also interested in betting on various sports events and not only is gradually increasing.

Since 2020, the popularity of esports betting has rapidly begun to rise. There is an impressive number of disciplines in eSports, in which eminent teams and individual players participate. One wants not only to observe such events, but also to predict the winners.

In esports, there are heroes and stars who have gained popularity among the audience, who are trying to be the best in esports and win awards. But there are new players, young athletes who are able to defeat even the most obvious favorite. This makes esports interesting and exciting. And bets are getting more popular.

Do you want to try your hand at inserting into certain electronic sports disciplines? Then you should find out what eSports is and how it differs from the usual format of sports betting. We will give a lot of useful advice and answer the most interesting, important questions.

What is esports

Electronic esports is a format of competition between players or teams in various computer and console games.

Professional athletes are becoming more and more popular and famous, and some of them are on a par with famous athletes. This is a relatively new competition format that is based on video games.

The esports community hosts its own unique tournaments, championships and competitions aimed at identifying the top players in different disciplines. Such events gather at the screens an incredible number of spectators who enjoy watching the battles and also bet on the favorites.

The difference between traditional sports betting and esports betting

If we talk about the technical nuances of betting on eSports and traditional sports, then you will not find serious differences here. The only difference is in the betting options that bettors can use at different bookmakers.

Therefore, esports fans can go to any bookmaker's website or install an application, select a section with esports competitions, find the line of interest and place a bet on a particular event.

Given the rapid growth in the popularity of esports, many well-known bookmakers have begun to create special sections dedicated to this competition format.

The advantage of betting on e-sports is that you don't have to be a professional athlete to understand this or that discipline on your own. Each player can download the game, play it, evaluate the principles and capabilities of various characters, try out different modes, and so on. Through the Internet, it is easy to find data about teams and e-athletes, follow their careers and understand how much they have a chance to win the upcoming tournament or take high positions in the championship.

What do you usually bet on in esports?

This segment also has its most popular disciplines, as in traditional betting. If we talk about video games, then most often bets are made during tournaments and championships in such cyber disciplines:

  • Counter Strike GO;
  • Dota 2
  • Valorant;
  • call of duty;
  • FIFA;
  • NBA
  • 2K;
  • Mortal Kombat and others.

Tournaments, championships and qualifying games are regularly held, in which the best teams and cyberathletes are determined. There are tournaments, such as Major in CS GO, where victory is comparable to the triumph at the World Cup.

To reach the finals of the main eSports tournaments, teams and e-athletes go through qualifiers. You can't just become part of the top tournaments. To do this, you need to win regularly, increase your rating, and so on.

No wonder there is also the concept of a transfer market, when players move from one team to another. Sponsors appear for e-sportsmen, multimillion-dollar advertising contracts are signed, etc.

Choosing an eSports betting site

In order to start betting on your favorite esports formats, it is important to first choose a safe and reliable site. How to do it right?

The first thing to do is to check for a license on the site. Betting on unlicensed sites is always a huge risk of running into a scammer and losing your hard-earned money.

The second point of choosing a site is the presence of an eSports section. If the bookmaker pays enough attention to cyber sports competitions, betting here will be not only interesting, but also profitable.

To choose a reliable site, read the terms, look at the proposed ways to receive the won funds and replenish the gaming account. Do not forget to read reviews on the Internet and study the ratings of a particular bookmaker. If you are satisfied with the conditions, the company is officially registered and has a valid license, feel free to make a trial first bet and test your own strengths in the field of forecasting.

Various esports betting options

The betting options in the e-sports segment are very diverse, and the number can reach 200-300. Much depends on the specific discipline in which you want to try your hand as a forecaster.

But experts identify several of the most common types of bets:

  • Exodus. The player's task is to predict the winner within a single game or tournament;
  • Total. The total number of rounds won, maps won, kills made or other game indicators;
  • Handicap. This is a bet on the advantage or lag of the team in terms of the number of rounds won, maps, kills, and so on;
  • Results on a specific map or round.

Therefore, the best solution is to choose a cyber discipline that you like and study the list of types of bets presented for it. The list of betting options may depend not only on the video game itself, but also on the format of the competition, the conditions of the tournament, the number of cyber-athletes and the conditions of the bookmaker where you plan to bet.

How to start betting on esports: a guide for beginners

If you have never had to bet in the world of e-sports before, but want to try your hand, then we offer a short step-by-step instruction for beginners:

  1. study the video game you like best;
  2. review the video, current information about tournaments, leading teams;
  3. try playing on PC or console;
  4. choose a legal bookmaker site through which you can place a bet;
  5. study cyberathletes or teams that will take part in the tournament;
  6. allocate a fixed amount to bet, but don't sacrifice a lot of money;
  7. make the simplest and most understandable bet;
  8. watch the result and get a win.

Beginners should not start with complex types of bets and throw around money that they cannot afford to lose. When a player has no experience, is poorly versed in sports disciplines, it is difficult to make successful first bets. Therefore, it is preferable to start with small bets and simple outcomes. Suppose a strong team is playing against an underdog. And in this situation, you should not take risks and bet on obviously weak participants.

Feel the taste of victory, start an in-depth analysis of eSports and then learn how to make complex and more exciting bets, while remaining as confident as possible in the correctness of your decision.

Legal status of esports betting

The rules for the operation of bookmakers are established by internal regulations, as well as taking into account the requirements and laws of the country where they operate. Therefore, it is recommended to place bets on eSports, as well as on traditional sports, only through legal bookmakers.

How to understand that the bookmaker works legally? He has a valid license issued by the states that issue the appropriate permits. On the territory of different countries, licenses of specific organizations are valid.

Esports is just as legitimate a betting discipline as football, basketball, hockey or boxing. Therefore, such bets are absolutely legal and controlled by the laws of the country. By choosing legal bookmakers, users do not have to worry about legality and security. The data of the players is under reliable protection, and the winnings will be credited to the account.

Deposit and withdrawal: from classic currencies to cryptocurrencies

Betting in the esports segment is technically no different from traditional sports. Therefore, players can use the methods available on the bookmaker's website to replenish the game account and receive the money earned.

In most services, the deposit and withdrawal of funds is implemented using the following tools:

  • bank cards;
  • Money transfers;
  • electronic wallets;
  • cryptocurrency;
  • replenishment through payment terminals and so on.

The cryptocurrency segment is developing at a rapid pace, and many bookmaker websites open up the possibility of depositing and withdrawing winnings through the bitcoin system and a number of other types of cryptocurrencies. In different countries of the world, it is believed that the legalization of cryptocurrency is necessary, and this will be beneficial.

eSports betting bonuses

Not in all situations, in order to bet on a particular type of eSports, you need to risk your own money. Official bookmakers offer new and regular players pleasant bonus rewards.

Objectively, the most popular type is the signup bonus. The user does not need to fulfill any requirements or replenish the deposit - you will need to go through the registration procedure, after which the bonus will be credited to the game account.

They also give bonuses for the first deposit. Moreover, the amount of bonus payouts directly depends on how much the player replenished the game account. In addition, esports fans earn bonus rewards for their birthday, for loyalty, for a certain number of bets made, and so on.

The bonuses themselves are presented in the form of money, bonus funds, points and more. Bonuses have developed and approved wagering rules by bookmakers. This means that you cannot earn a bonus and immediately withdraw the prize to your own bank account. These rules are prescribed for each bookmaker, which should be studied in detail on the site when using bonuses.

Where is the best place to bet on esports?
Most of the top, popular bookmakers have opened sections for betting on eSports events. Therefore, choose reliable and legal sites with great offers and conditions.
How to start betting in the world of esports?
You should start by studying the video game you want to bet on. It is better to play in the esports video that you understand yourself.
Is it possible to make money with esports betting?
Yes. But it's difficult to do so. You need to understand the esports discipline in detail, follow the latest news and sometimes make risky bets.
What types of esports are best to bet on?
There are no disciplines that should be called objectively acceptable for betting. It is recommended to choose those that you like and what you are able to understand in detail. But if we talk about popularity, then these are CS GO, FIFA, WoW, Valorant and others.
How to improve your chances of winning?
To do this, you need to study the features of the video game, learn about the format of the tournament, read information about teams and cybersportsmen, and so on. Don't rely on luck alone. To be a successful better, we advise you to learn how to navigate esports, understand the nuances and details, take into account the little things in upcoming events.