Among US for PC

The original storyline and its design, as well as the unusual type of characters Among US attracted the attention of gamers and made the multiplayer game relevant and popular. You can play it on a smartphone and on a computer device after download among ac on pc. The official version of the application for Windows is paid and distributed through the stream, but it can be used for free by emulating the Android device program.

About the plot

The plot develops on a spaceship with the participation of cartoon astronauts. They all look the same and differ only in color. The main character, controlled by the player, will have to be in the role of a simple crew member and in the role of a traitor. The game has many settings that allow you to determine the parameters of the review, the number of players and traitors. A distinctive feature of a multiplayer game is the lack of the right for players to choose which role to try on. The status of the main character is chosen before each game session in random mode.

The role of the traitor

The task of the traitor is to destroy the entire team. As conceived by the developer, this mission can be completed according to one of three schemes:

  • tracking down solitary crew members and their elimination - you can win this way only if everyone is destroyed;
  • organization of sabotage - the victory will be counted if the team does not fix the problem;
  • inspire the characters to vote against each other.

Role of a crew member

If the player is destined to play the role of a simple crew member, then he will have to complete a list of tasks that is compiled by the program in an individual format. The purpose of the crew is to find the traitor.

If during the game the corpse of one of the crew members is found, then you need to announce this to everyone, after which the voting will begin. It can also be initiated by pressing a button. It is worth noting that the traitor cannot complete tasks. On this basis, it can be calculated. The crew wins if its members manage to figure out the traitor or if they complete all the tasks.


Colorful design in an unusual format and a fascinating plot of the game made it popular. Gamers are interested in the random choice of the game format, because before the start of the session they do not know who they will be - a traitor or a crew member. In any case, Among US you can have a good time and enjoy the gameplay.

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