VALORANT Patch 6.07 Changes

Today we will touch on not fresh, but relevant news in the Valorant game world - namely, what changes await players in patch 6.07.

Valorant patch 6.07

New agent: KAY/O

The first major addition to the game in patch 6.07 is the introduction of the new KAY/O agent. KAY/O is a combat robot with skills that allow him to disable enemy abilities, reveal their positions and deal significant damage.

In addition to adding a new agent, old agents also received new features. Having fully checked these changes, you will be able to play online right now.

Weapon Changes

Patch 6.07 also introduces a number of weapon balance changes. The Stinger has been nerfed with reduced accuracy and damage, while the Guardian has been buffed with increased accuracy and reduced recoil. The Operator has also been nerfed, with increased scope duration and reduced scoped movement speed.

Innovations in cards

And the most important part of the change in patch 6.07 is the introduction of a number of developments into the maps of the game. For example, Split's middle section has been redesigned to make it easier for attackers to push towards defenders, and Breeze's "A" vestibule has been shrunk to make it easier for defenders to hold onto.

Corrected mistakes


  • The blue shot trail is reset when items, etc. pass through the portal. This visual effect is now only visible to allies.


  • Fixed an issue where teleporting agents could be seen on the minimap when lost packets even if they were out of line of sight.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the highlights of the players were visible even when the setting mode "Hide outline and highlights" was on.
  • Fixed an issue on the minimap where barriers were not properly drawn when powers like Inferno Phoenix (C), Toxic Screen Viper (E), and Wave Crest Harbor (E) were enabled.
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