Valorant, the popular competitive shooter from Riot Games, offers players the choice between two main rifles: Phantom and Vandal. Both weapons have their own distinct characteristics and suit different play styles. In this article, we will compare two rifles from just Valorant weapon arsenal.


Pros of Phantom

The Phantom is a versatile rifle that many Valorant players prefer. It boasts a high rate of fire, low recoil and exceptional accuracy, especially during the first few shots. These qualities make it deadly in combat at medium to close range. With a headshot, the Phantom can one-shot an enemy, regardless of armor.

Better Accuracy

One of the most significant advantages of the Phantom is the silencer. When equipped, it reduces the sound of rifle shots, making it harder for enemies to pinpoint the shooter's location. This attribute can be invaluable for maintaining stealth and gaining the element of surprise, allowing for advantageous positioning and flank maneuvering.

Pros of Vandal

Vandal, on the other hand, embodies a different style of play. It sacrifices the Phantom's accuracy and rate of fire for brute strength and armor penetration. The Vandal is known for its ability to kill opponents with a single headshot, regardless of armor, making it a deadly choice for those who rely on precision and accuracy.

Armor-piercing bullets

The hallmark of Vandal is its unsurpassed ability to penetrate walls. The rifle can shoot through multiple surfaces, including walls, crates, and even some metal structures. This feature gives players the ability to surprise opponents and land kills from unexpected angles, making it the preferred choice for players who like to play the role of a sniper or long-range attacker.

Problems of choice

When it comes to deciding which rifle is better, situational factors and personal preference in play style come into play. The Phantom is often preferred by players who value versatility, aggressive playstyle, and mid-range combat. Its accuracy and reduced recoil ensure consistent headshots, making it a reliable choice in fast-paced collisions and tight turns.

On the other hand, VANDAL caters to players who prioritize brute force, ranged combat, and wall penetration. If you prefer a more calculated and methodical play style, Vandal's ability to land single headshots and its long-range effectiveness make it an attractive option.

Ultimately, the choice between Phantom and Vandal comes down to personal preference, map location, team composition, and the role you aspire to fill in your team. Some players may find comfort in Phantom's versatility and stealth, while others may thrive on Vandal's high risk and potential reward.


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