Dota 2 betting: everything you need to know

Defense of the Ancients 2 or DotA 2 is one of the greatest phenomena in the universe of online games. Due to the growing process of popularization as well as internationalization, the game is also a good choice for duty players. In the current scenario for the expansion of sports betting in the country, it is possible to follow the match schedule on and bet on Dota 2 on different sites.

   Dota 2 Basics

As the name of the game suggests, the main idea is to protect your ancestor and try to destroy the opponent's ancestor. The game is a multiplayer game in which two teams of five players take on different roles in scenarios.

Each character (hero) belongs to a separate category:

  • Strength: These are heroes that can withstand more damage than others. They have the main goal of clearing the way for the rest of the team by doing the famous "dirty job".
  • Agility: These are heroes whose role is to kill enemies and destroy towers, playing an important role in achieving goals by carrying a team on their backs.
  • Intelligence: These are heroes that support others, such as the healer, sentinel, and mana. Without them, the team is exhausted and cannot have the strength to win the battles.

In total, one hundred and nineteen heroes are available with different abilities depending on the level of each player. The dispute scenario is called Map - each match can have from 3 to 5 maps. By conquering the cards, you win the game. The general areas of the map are divided into two parts: Radiance and Darkness. And it is in this area that the characters mainly follow three different paths leading to the bases of the teams. Inside the team's base is a structure where the Ancestor is well protected.

One of the big advantages of DotA 2 is that the games are often quite addictive and violent.

  Dota 2 betting

To be able to bet on Dota 2, of course, you need to register with a bookmaker. And in order to make this decision, several criteria must be met, such as the variety of available markets.

One option that many players make is to register with more than one house in order to expand the possibilities. Having done this, it's good advice to try to minimally dominate the fundamentals of the game in order to make more confident guesses.

An option that is increasingly in demand among users is the ability to bet on DotA 2 with game skins instead of money. Skins are items that are highly valued by fans. While they don't get in the way of the heroes' work, the chances of turning them into unique characters are highly valued. The cost of skins depends on the class, rarity or beauty, and many players are willing to pay dearly for them.

Thanks to the success of DotA 2 and the international expansion of the game, it has become one of the biggest phenomena in online gaming. And the sports betting market is always aware of this. Due to the dynamics and complexity of the game, it is possible to bet on different markets.

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