Changes in VALORANT patch 6.03

Valorant developers regularly release new changes in patches that add new features and fix past bugs that gamers from all over the world have encountered.

Valorant 6.03

General changes

Let's start with the most important changes that have affected the game:

  • Improved server stability.
  • Fixed issues with frequent game crashes.
  • Fixed bugs in the user interface.

Gameplay Changes:

  1. Fixed issues with weapon balance.
  2. Improved the performance of the ranked match system.
  3. Changed the parameters of some agents.

Map Changes

Changes have been made to the Breeze map. Also fixed texture issues on some maps.

In the game modes themselves, a new Captivity mode has been added.

Improved operation of the "Repeat" mode.
Fixed issues with the "Fight to the last shot" mode.

Interface changes:

  • Added new visual effects.
  • Improved chat functionality.
  • Added new interface customization options.

Weapon balance:

  • Increased reload time for some weapons.
  • Changed recoil parameters for some weapons.
  • Changed the price of some weapons.
  • General bug fixes and game performance improvements.
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