Top 3 truly legendary modern games

Legendary games are one-offs, real gems and diamonds of the industry that have stood the test of time, but still remain relevant and in demand. Such games are not afraid of anything: they always have a loyal army of fans. Each of these games sold millions of copies, but they still lead all sorts of ratings and tops in terms of popularity in stores. Below we will talk about legendary games that every self-respecting gamer should play. But don't forget Valorant this is the best game!

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

A game that does not need a separate presentation and description. This is a real living legend, which is still super popular and in demand. The project was released in 2011 and has since migrated to almost all gaming platforms. "Skyrim" is a whole life that you can live at the computer monitor. Here is a huge diverse open world full of secrets and mysteries. An interesting plot that presents the player with difficult choices. There is just a huge number of different opportunities and ways to spend your time with interest. For example, here you can get a personal home and adopt children, or you can become a real vampire.


The last numbered part in one of the most famous game franchises in the industry at the moment, in addition to PC there is also a version for android smartphones, the GTA 5 download page. The third-person crime thriller consistently remains one of the most popular games, although it already has a solid age. Such popularity of the project is explained by a very elaborate and exciting online mode, which is constantly supplemented with new content. Otherwise, this is an incredibly large and well-developed game, where you don’t even have to go through story missions: it’s so much fun here, and there is always something to do.

Dark Souls (series)

A series of hardcore action from a third person with elements of a role-playing game, which proved that complex games are still in demand and interesting to the public. Already now we can call this franchise legendary, because no one has yet created anything like it. The actions of all parts take place in a dark fantasy world. The local story is served through abrupt descriptions of objects and rare replicas of other characters. The main feature of the game is extremely difficult battles, where every mistake can be fatal. Boss battles are a separate story, because everyone needs to find their own approach, and you will have to die very often.

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