Agent Cypher in Valorant

Cypher is an observer agent in the Valorant game, a defense expert who is able to provide reliable protection for his team on the battlefield. This character only seems predictable at first glance, but in fact he has quite interesting abilities, thanks to which he can slow down opponents, as well as control their movement using spy cameras.



Cypher is a mysterious male agent who is a kind of character. He is not like other fighters both in appearance and in terms of capabilities. Let's get acquainted with some facts from his biography:

  • Cypher's real name in the video game Valorant is Amir el-Amari, which means "prince of the moon" in Arabic.
  • Originally from Rabat, Morocco.
  • Representative of the human race.
  • The role in the game is the guard.

If you pay attention to the phrases spoken by Seifer in Russian in the Valorant game about the fact that it is the will of Allah that leads him, then you can understand that he is a Muslim, like most of the inhabitants of Morocco.

The agent never takes off his mask and hides his identity even from his closest comrades, as he considers it a great risk to himself. For many gamers, this particular warrior from the Valorant universe is a favorite, in connection with this, a large number of beautiful Cypher drawings in the art style have appeared.

Agent Features

The character acts on the basis of various traps and gadgets, and is also well versed in maps, which allows him to choose favorable places for placing traps, which, even at a distance, will cause damage to the players of the opposing team. Thanks to his skills, he will be aware of any maneuver of the enemy.

If the Cypher agent activates the gadget in a timely manner, then all his allies will receive an alert about the location of the enemies, and this will happen even if Cypher is killed. In addition, he is able to extract useful information from dead opponents, learning about the location of their allies. That is why he is a particularly valuable player for the team. It is important to note that the agent does not have a single skill that can damage the enemy.


Cypher wears gray trousers tucked into his boots and a long, light-coloured cloak with a high collar. This cloak falls to the ankles and has metal inserts on the shoulders and chest. In his coat, he keeps many useful things that he uses in the fight against enemies. On his head is a wide-brimmed hat that hides the agent's face, on top of which is a small antenna. On his hands he has blue gloves with luminous inserts that work like magnets. Cypher's face is hidden behind a mask. It is noteworthy that absolutely all parts of his skin are carefully hidden.

Cypher's abilities

Each agent's skills are unique and Cypher is no exception:

Passive Skill:

  • Cybercell – the agent throws a cell in front of him and can activate it at any time, and from any area of ​​the map. The opened cell creates a barrier around itself, thereby slowing down the members of the enemy team who want to pass through it, it also blocks the view of all characters.
  • Stretching – installed from wall to wall in the form of a laser beam. If the enemy touches it, then he will reveal himself, will be temporarily immobilized and even stunned.

Signature Skill:

  • Camera - it can be placed on any wall and monitor the area. Cypher can also fire tracking darts that will mark enemies and highlight their location until the camera is destroyed.

Ultimate Skill:

  • neurosteal - if you aim at a dead enemy, you can get information from him about the location of the living members of the enemy team. They will appear on the map only for a short period of time. And not only the agent will see them, but all his supporters.


Cypher is a brash and intelligent character who used to be an assassin, but he is able to show warm feelings towards some agents. He is a useful player, being able to easily spot enemies and slow them down. His skills are important and sometimes indispensable for all team members, as he is excellent at controlling many parts of the map.

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