Agent Sage

Sage is one of the female characters in the game Valorant with the code name Thorn, who provides the team with security in battle. Translated from English, Sage means "sage". She can be attributed to the characters of the auxiliary role, which help more combat-ready agents achieve their goal. The main task of Sage is to contain the onslaught of the enemy, as well as to heal and even resurrect members of his team. However, this does not mean that she cannot effectively fight.



Like most fighters in the game, Sage is a rather unusual agent with his own characteristics and an interesting biography, with some of the facts of which we will introduce you to:  

  • His real name is Lin Ying Wei.
  • The country is China.
  • From the race of radiants.
  • Role - guard (protector).

In the game Valorant, the girl acts as a healer and is effective both in defense and in attack, therefore, Sage is a valuable player who can lead allies to victory.

Agent Appearance

The girl has an attractive Asian appearance - a brown-eyed beauty originally from China with long black hair gathered in a high ponytail. Sage also wears an elongated bang, laid to the side, which falls below the chin. She has perfect features, average height and a toned physique of an athletic type, however, as befits a real warrior. This character from the video game Valorant is loved by many players not only for his skills, but also for his original appearance, in connection with which fans have created many art drawings with Sage.

Character abilities

Sage is a unique agent, as her abilities are focused both on protecting and healing team members, and on effective counteroffensives. Many underestimate the importance of this fighter. It is very important not to let her die during the battle, because the lives of allies will depend on it. Consider Sage's abilities in the Valorant game:

Passive Skill:

  • Barrier Orb (Barrier ORB) - allows you to put up a barrier of ice, behind which you can hide from enemies and conduct aimed fire at them. Not many people know, but the ice wall can be rotated 180 degrees. In addition, you can install it under yourself, that is, Sades will be on top of the barrier.
  • Slow Sphere (Slow ORB) - after the throw, the sphere breaks in the place where it landed and creates a special field, capturing a fairly large radius. It slows down nearby players. They will need to wait until the icy surface melts or have to walk slowly along it, thereby giving themselves away, as the ice will crackle from steps.

Signature Skill:

  • Sphere of treatment (Healing ORB) - this is one of the most important basic skills of Sage, for which opponents do not like her, because it allows you to heal valuable allies that can decide the outcome of the battle. You need to point the sphere at the wounded team member who needs to be healed and press "Fire". The advantage is that you can do this while being far enough away from the wounded. After that, his health will gradually begin to recover. Also, when wounded, the agent can heal himself.

Ultimate Skill:

  • Resurrection - Sage's best ability. To use it, you need to aim at the deceased player of the team, and press "Fire". Almost immediately, the character will return to life, and with full health and be able to complete his task. You need to spend resurrection on really important agents. But before using it, it is important to make sure that there are no opponents nearby.


Sage is rightfully considered one of the most valuable members of the team. Her abilities allow her not only to effectively fight and cover allies during the retreat, but also to heal allies who were injured in battle, as well as resurrect them after death. Proper leveling of the character and a competent game strategy will allow you to defeat enemies and achieve your goals.

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