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Neon is a new character in the Valorant game, which appeared at the beginning of the year with the start of the fourth episode. Her body generates bioenergetic impulses. The agent girl is a valuable player in the team, able to lead her to victory. She is able to play aggressively and show good results due to her skills, so this character is suitable for gamers who prefer a fast play style. Like any agent in the game, she has a unique appearance, a number of abilities and features - this is what the article will be about.


The character Neon managed to fall in love with many players, in connection with which many original and beautiful art images were created by the fans. And this is not surprising, since she is a really interesting character. Let's get acquainted with some facts from her biography:

  • The girl is from the Philippines.
  • Her real name is Tala Nicole Dimaapi Valdes.
  • Radiant Neon are gifted humans with superpowers that were obtained after an event on planet Earth known as the "Big Flash".
  • Neon is a duelist.

Neon is a high-class assassin. The girl is able to cope with the enemy in a matter of seconds and quickly clear positions, which helps lead the team to success.


The agent has a bright and beautiful appearance, as well as a slender and fit figure. Neon is the smallest in terms of growth among the other agents. She has a short bob haircut, the upper part of her hair is braided into two tails on the sides, she also has an elongated bang, her hair is blue-yellow.

There are peculiar drawings on the girl’s body, which, thanks to her unique abilities, can be highlighted, which looks very impressive.


Neon wears sportswear equipped with limiters to control the current generated by her body. The girl's costume is somewhat reminiscent of the sprinter's outfit (that's what it is sometimes called). Her main outfit:

  • Tight leggings in dark blue with blue inserts.
  • A lilac top, on top of which a vest is worn, repeating the colors of the leggings, but with the addition of golden inserts.
  • Gloves above the elbows with gold bracelets on the wrists.
  • Belt at the waist.
  • Sports shoes.

Neon's athletic style only emphasizes her unstoppable and combative nature, speed and reaction during the battle.


Each agent in Valorant has its own unique abilities that help to defeat enemies, therefore, Neon is no exception:

  • Basic skill:
  • Protective tunnel - releases two energy walls parallel to each other from the hands, which form a barrier that blocks the view of enemies and inflicts damage to those who touch these walls.
  • Jumping Charge - the projectile bounces off the surface like a ball, and upon landing, it electrifies the ground under it, creating an explosion that stuns the enemy.
  • Signature Skill:
  • Increased speed - instantly accumulates a charge, which allows you to increase the speed. If you press the “alternate fire” button while charged, you can slide. The sliding ability will only recharge after two kills.
  • Ultimate Skill:
  • At full power - shoots a deadly concentrated electric beam from his fingers by using all the energy for a small amount of time. The ability to use the ability is updated after each kill.

Phrases Neon in the game Valorant

Anastasia Filimonova became the official Russian voice of Neon. It often depends on the voice actors how the character will be perceived by the players. Anastasia did an excellent job. Agent Neon has a rather pleasant soft voice and excellent diction, and gamers have already managed to catch the fancy of many of her lines, for example:

  • "Well, I'm angry!"
  • "I can be both a shield and a sword - remember that."
  • "Let's get these losers out of here."
  • "Now I understand why the enemies are so annoyed by my skills."
  • “My strength is inexhaustible. Ask for help and get it."
  • "You didn't stand a chance."
  • Maybe they are pacifists?
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