Yora Valorant. Character, abilities, phrases

There are many interesting characters in the Valorant game, but a male agent nicknamed Yoru has gained particular popularity among the players. He has quite strong skills and abilities, which, with the right approach, can cause a lot of trouble to opponents. When playing as Yor in Valorant, remember that you can deceive and confuse any opponent, moreover, you can do it quite gracefully and beautifully.

Character biography

Yoru (Agent 14) is considered a first-class duelist and assassin, able to show excellent results in a team, leading an aggressive game, despite the fact that the young man is only 15 years old. Let's take a look at the guy's biography:

  • Born in Tokyo, Japan.
  • His real name is Ryo Kiritani.
  • Codename - Stealth (STELS).
  • Race is a radiant.

In the Valorant shooter, the fighter Yoru is undoubtedly one of the most unusual and interesting agents, so he fell in love with many gamers around the world who created many beautiful art with his favorite.

Yoru character

In work, the young man is used to relying only on himself, even in a team game, therefore he is a typical lone wolf. He is unable to empathize with both enemies and allies. He has a poor contact with others, which other agents consider him a negative character trait.

Despite his rather young age, the guy is self-confident, independent and freedom-loving. His appearance and demeanor are reminiscent of the tough teenagers seen in Asian entertainment shows and movies. The character is arrogant and proud, which is expressed in his constant boasting. Yoru pays a lot of attention to his appearance and always carries a butterfly comb, which is presented as a knife in Valorant.

Yoru's abilities

He knows how to control dimensions and create space-time holes, thanks to which he can get into enemy territory. The most extraordinary agent with unique abilities. A native of Japan is endowed with the following skills:

  1. Basic ability:
  • Bait – Before, Yoru could create the sound of footsteps, but such a skill did not give any advantages. Now he creates his own shadow or, more correctly, a clone - this is how his opponents see him, but for allies this copy of the agent is displayed in blue. If the enemy shoots at him, he will be blinded.
  • stun – this is not the cheapest skill, but sometimes it can decide the outcome of the battle. Flash is a grenade that explodes when it bounces off a wall and blinds enemies and allies in range for about a few seconds after it hits. This time is enough to kill a member of the enemy team.
  1. Signature ability:
  • Intruder (Teleport) - the agent launches a movable sphere or can install it in any place he needs. Pressing the skill button again allows Yor to teleport to the location where the orb is located.
  1. Ultimate Ability:
  • Spatial drift - the most unusual skill that allows the agent to become invisible for 14 seconds, and at that moment he can use all the abilities listed above, but when throwing a flash drive, he will also be blinded.

Yoru phrases

If you are wondering who voiced Yora in the video game Valorant, but in the Russian version this person is Yegor Vasilyev, and in English the character was voiced by Daisuke Takashahi.

In Valorant, Yoru's phrases can be used to understand his character quite well, as well as to find out his attitude towards other agents. For example, he says things like: “I'll fight anyone. I will fight with everyone” or “Five enemies. All five are mine, you have nothing to do. These phrases confirm his strong character, self-confidence and fearlessness in front of opponents.


Yora is one of the best duelists in Valorant. Its full potential was revealed after changes were made by the developers of the product, which pleased the fans of the game. Now his skills have become really useful for the team and effective in combat. Yoru is a first-class trickster who can confuse any opponent.

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