Typeassault rifle
Price2100 credits
Shop24 in a cage

fire types


  • auto
  • rate of fire 9,15 shots/s


  • Approach at 1,25x
  • shoots in bursts of three rounds
  • rate of fire 4 shots/s


Bulldog is a fully automatic rifle and the cheapest of the three fully automatic rifles in the game. His store holds 24 rounds. He has good rate of fire and the possibility of shooting in bursts of 3 cartridges. This is 2 blows on the head and 5 on the body or legs. Bulldog, like other rifles, has ADS.

Bulldog is unique in that it has a relatively low cost compared to other fully automatic rifles for 2100. This makes it useful for eco-patrons if your team does not have enough money. However, it costs much more than SMG.

It also has 3 bursts, unlike other rifles that can be good for close combat. However, the scatter increases significantly at medium and distant distances, so otherwise you will want to use its main fire.

ADS is good to support an attack on an object or retain an object, since it increases the sight and reduces the return and scatter (generally makes the weapon more accurate).


Horizon Bulldog


Infinity bulldog


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