Price500 credits
Shop15 in a cage
45 in stock
wall penetrationSecondary

fire types

  • semi-automatic fire
  • Rate of fire: 6,75 shots / sec


Distance Chassis Head Legs
0 - 30m 30 105 25
30 - 50m 25 87 21

The Ghost is a semi-automatic handgun. It deals quite a lot of damage on impact, usually requiring 2 headshots and 5-6 bodyshots to kill. The Ghost is fitted with a silencer to help increase its overall accuracy, as well as reduce the noise it fires, making it effective as a stealth weapon.

Ghost - a reliable backup weapon. Its above-average accuracy, good damage, and overall stability allow you to rely on the pistol in most situations.


Ghost is based on a Magnum Research hybrid Desert Eagle и Hudson H9, with the slide modeled after the Desert Eagle and the bottom frame/trigger guard modeled after the H9.

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