Cheats, hacks and hacks Valorant - how to find a cheater in the game

The main cheats in a computer shooter Valorant - Is Aimbot, Wallhack, also ESP (Extra Sensory Perception).

In essence, all of this simultaneously grants users superhuman precision and foresight, increasing their skill and foresight beyond what is legally possible. Finding a cracker is pretty easy, especially if you've been using Valorant for a long time and you immediately realize when something goes pretty strange. But visual cues, in addition, can help, for example, opponents are pretending to be tied to targets (usually to the head) and are also constantly waiting for attacks from the flank.

cheaters are by no means stupid and can usually hide their own deeds from Riot Games, which makes it difficult to determine them using the program. Because of this, detecting and reporting intruders is largely required by the Valorant community. If you notice the above and / or think that the participant violates the rules for other reasons, you need to inform about this in the game itself.

In addition, it should be emphasized that you must not inform the alleged crackers about this. Since certain gamers can actually be mistaken for cheaters, however, in reality, they are simply quite excellent and powerful players. As a result, only the creators can tell exactly whether a given member is cheating or not. If it turns out that your doubts are accurate, then this account will be banned for life.

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