Valorant on the phone - where to download Valorant mobile

The multiplayer team shooter Valorant, which is a hybrid of Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, has been gaining huge popularity in recent years. The essence of the video game is to confront two teams, increase the rank of your character (agent) and the ability to shoot well. Many fans want to install the game on their phone so they can play it anytime, no matter where they are. It is about the possibility of installing the game on a mobile device that we will talk about.

When will Valorant come out on the phone

Riot Games has announced that a full-fledged mobile version of the game will be released, but when this will be is not yet clear. However, we can please you - the developers have launched a closed beta test version of the application. The game is still raw and needs a lot of improvements. If you want to participate in product testing, then you need to leave a request on the official website of the company, after which an invitation will be sent to you and access will be granted.

Based on this, the exact release date of the Valorant shooter for phones with the Android and iOS operating systems remains unknown. Although, according to the executive producer of Valorant, the release is scheduled for the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023. As soon as the game appears, you will definitely find out about it in the computer version of the product.

Similar games for smartphones

Until the official version of Valorant is released on your phone, you can test similar gaming products, the list of which we have prepared for you:

  1. HyperFront - a game from the Chinese company NetEase Games, which largely repeats Valorant, namely the visual style, locations and characters. This is a first-person team shooter where gamers need to control unique characters and play 5v5 with another team.
  2. Apex Legends is a dynamic battle royale-style shooter developed by Respawn Entertainment. It is similar to Valorant mainly in the characters that are called legends here.
  3. ShellFire - a team game where two teams of 5 people fight each other, performing certain tasks. The product developer is Telkomsel Corporation. There is a version for both Android and iOS.

All of the games listed have similarities to Valorant to one degree or another, and some are even clones of it, so until the mobile version of your favorite shooter appears, you can pass the time playing these no less interesting and exciting games.

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