Skinchanger Valorant. What is it and do they get banned for it

Agree that almost every player wants to use beautiful skins that make the gameplay more enjoyable and comfortable, but usually they cost money, but not everyone is ready to spend money, although it is their purchase that allows Valorant to develop. But there is a way out in the form of a special utility, which will be discussed in this article.


What is a skin changer?

Skinchanger is a special program that allows you to change the standard weapon skins in the Valorant game to any others, including even paid ones. You don't have to use the inventory panel to change skins now, as skins will be selected through this app. The changes will only take place on your computer, for other players you will remain with the standard weapon.  

Now you can download Skinchanger for Valorant from various resources, the main thing is to make sure they are reliable. But it is important to understand that the developers of the shooter have nothing to do with this software, so it is up to you to use it or not.

How the program works

The tool discussed in the article changes the original game code and unlocks skins. In fact, they are already on your computer in the game files, but you can only access them officially by observing the terms of the game.

Usually, skin changers are used by teenagers and children playing Valorant who do not have the opportunity to make purchases. But experienced gamers themselves are able to upgrade their character and get beautiful skins without any tricks.  

Can I get banned for using the program?

Of course, many Valorant players are interested in the question of whether Skinchanger is banned in the game. Yes, the probability of catching a ban is high, even if the use of the program does not harm other users in any way.

It is already illegal to use third party tools embedded in the game code, so be prepared to get banned. In addition, the ban is different. If your account is blocked, you can always register again and continue playing. But the situation is much more complicated when they block exactly for hardware, since in this case a special number of your motherboard is fixed. Here replacement of the account cannot. You will have to buy new components.

It is most likely that in 2023 Valorant developers will take action against code hacking, but at the moment Skinchanger is a working utility, which is also distributed for free.

Installation instructions

Consistently follow all the steps indicated in the instructions that we have prepared for you:

  • Download the utility to your computer;
  • Unpack files;
  • Go to the folder where the EXE file was unpacked;
  • Run Vim.exe to start using Skinchanger and open Valorant in parallel.

That's all. Now you can choose any skins you like and easily switch between them. Thanks to this application, the weapons in the game will look the way you like only - stylish, spectacular and beautiful.

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