Night Market Valorant

The Valoran Night Market is a unique and useful place where gamers can purchase skins (skins) for firearms as well as knives at a better price. The market has some significant differences from the usual store in a shooter. In this article, we will analyze in detail what it is, when it appears and on what principles it works.

What is a night market?

As we mentioned above, the store provides players with the opportunity to buy skins at a good discount, which allows them to save in-game currency. In total, 6 slots with different skins will be available to you. Each player gets their own set of skins, that is, they are provided randomly. Based on this, you need to understand that you may not get the skin for the weapon that you have been dreaming about for so long.

When the market starts, a special icon will appear in the video card in the upper right corner near the store. By clicking on it, the player will be taken to the market, where he will see 6 cards of different colors, which must be opened in any order to find out what you have come across. To do this, simply click on each slot.

When is the night market in Valorant

In the game, the night market appears at any time and any day, but always in a new act, so you should be careful not to miss the opportunity to make the desired purchase. It is important to clarify that the store appears only for a certain number of days (from 14 days to a month). After this time, it will stop working. The next time the market appears, the skins will be updated and completely different offers will be available to you, but again with a nice fixed discount, which sometimes for some types of weapons is 50-60% (but not less than 10%), and in rare cases and more.

The Valorant night market in September 2022 began its work on the 28th at 1 am Moscow time. Its closing date is 11 October. We hope you have made the most of this period, because the next time the market will appear in about 2 months, but maybe a little earlier.

What items can drop?

Often there are skins from old collections, but often there are very interesting offers that are not available in the game store. For example, these could be the following looks:

  • Standard.
  • Special.
  • Premium.
  • Unique.

Skins that were released no earlier than two acts of the acts where the market is open can be sold in the Valorant game on the night market in 2023. The player will definitely receive at least two high-quality skins or a premium battle pass if he did not have skins of this class before. Usually skins are provided for different weapons, but sometimes they come across for one weapon (no more than two).

If it happens that you have not made a purchase for several markets in a row, then the next time the system may offer you cheap goods, since past offers may have been too expensive for the player. But as an option, the game can issue a selection of the best skins for you personally. But again, this is extremely rare.


The night market is a place of unique offers and good discounts, where you are lucky or not, because everything is decided by chance. However, this place allows you to get rare and beautiful skins that are no longer in the store, which in the end will make the game more fun and help you increase your skill.

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