The best valorant knives

Knives in the game Valorant are a type of weapon and there are about 60 skins (skins), the number of which is constantly growing. Initially, each gamer is provided with a knife called "Tactical Knife" from the very beginning of the game. This type of melee weapon allows you to eliminate your enemies in close combat. It provides two attack modes: three sharp but weak hits or one but strong movement with a long cooldown.

How to get a knife in Valorant

There are three ways in which you can become the owner of a knife:

  1. Buy a battle pass and knock out the knife from there. The more often you play and complete tasks, the higher the chances of getting this type of weapon.
  2. Purchase for local currency (Valorant Points) in the in-game store separately or in a bundle with other weapons.
  3. Buy from the Night Market, which appears once per act and provides the user with an individual selection of weapons, among which the knife is often found. But it’s not a fact that you will get the monitor lizard that you are waiting for. This is where cheap skins for knives are sold, as they are always discounted.

Price for knives

There are practically no free knives in Valorant, except for the one that is given to you at the beginning of the game. Otherwise, you will have to buy them. So, how much does a knife cost in the Valorant shooter? Sometimes their price can reach 5000 points, which is quite a decent amount (approximately 2500 in rubles). Therefore, it is often much more profitable to purchase knives complete with firearms. But again, the price will depend on what kind of knife you want.

You can always look at the Valorant store what knives are available, as well as find out their price and then decide on a purchase.

The best knives in Valorant

Considering that the game is relatively new, there are not so many knife skins here yet, but many of them have a spectacular appearance. In the shooter, in the category of knives, there are also other types of weapons, such as a fan, hatchets, and even a candy cane that can cause damage to the enemy. There are both simple knives and very original ones, but we will now consider the best of them:

  1. Butterfly knife" – Valorant players were really looking forward to the appearance of this model and appreciated it. The blade is hidden in the handle, but if necessary, it is removed with a quick and effective movement.
  2. Knife "Predator Hunter" - has a standard form and strict design. Among the features, 4 holes in the handle in the form of triangles can be distinguished.
  3. Knife "Fan Balance" - in Valorant, this is one of the most unusual knives. The model looks original, fits comfortably in the hand and has an interesting animation.
  4. Knife "Monarch" - refined and refined, its handle resembles an eagle's head, the blade is engraved in the form of patterns. The original animation adds to its showiness.
  5. Knife "Reaper" - made of hardened steel, has a leather handle and additional figured elements that protect the hand. The developers of Valorant added a purple haze effect to it, which gives the knife a special mysticism.
  6. Knife "Lux" - the best melee weapon, stylish and at the same time sophisticated design. Many Valorant users prefer it for this very reason.
  7. Knife "Imperium" - a chic and refined model with a golden emerald color handle with a dragon element. It differs from other knives in its small size.
  8. Knife "Catherine" - This is one of the most interesting models in Valorant in terms of shape and appearance. The handle and blade are the same shape.
  9. Knife "Ancient Flame" - has a unique design, the handle resembles dragon scales, which is a very unusual solution. Fire effects only emphasize the full power of this weapon.
  10. Knife "Karambit Prime" - a stylish model with a curved blade and a finger ring on the handle, made in golden black with silver accents. One of the most realistic knives in the game.


So, we figured out how much knives cost in Valorant, how you can get them, and also got acquainted with the top types of melee weapons in the game. Gradually, Valorant developers replenish the collection with new interesting and original knives, so that every player is satisfied.

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