Valorant points

Riot Games Studio has created one of the most exciting tactical first-person shooters called Valorang, where points are the in-game currency, which come in different types, which we will talk about in the article. This currency is needed to buy skins that allow you to change the appearance of your weapon, that is, it is used only for a cosmetic upgrade, but it will not work to increase damage or improve shooting in the game using points. That is, buying points in the Valorant video game allows you to donate.

Currency in the game

There are currently three currencies in the shooter, which have some differences from each other:

  • Valorant Points (VP) - This is a donated currency, therefore, you can buy it for real money, so you can’t do without investments. It is used to increase the level of contracts, purchase radiant points and premium skins for weapons.
  • Radianite Points (RP) – coins are used to improve the player card, buy additional skins, add effects, or purchase trinkets. RP can be obtained for VP, as well as accumulated during the game by completing various tasks.
  • Кредиты - they are earned during the match and are needed to acquire abilities and various items during the battle.

How to get Valorant points

You can buy Valorant Points in the game only for real money and nothing else. It is noteworthy that depending on the region, prices may vary. At the beginning of March 2022, due to the events that took place in the world, the inhabitants of Russia lost the opportunity to buy in-game currency, but there are still loopholes that allow you to get Valorant Points.

Previously, Russians could buy coins in different ways:

  • Sberbank Online.
  • Yumani.
  • KIWI.
  • PayPal payment system.
  • Bank cards.
  • Webmoney, etc.

Buying currency in the Russian Federation

For citizens of other countries, many of the payment options listed above remain available. As for the Russians, in 2023 they can acquire Valorant Points in only two ways:

  • Qiwi electronic payments - This is a simple and legal option to donate currency. This action is performed directly in the game. Click on the VP icon next to the play store tab. Select payment via QIWI, enter payment information and select the desired amount, after which you will be transferred to the service where you need to confirm the payment. If suddenly you see a notification “the account is overdue”, then go to the Qiwi wallet through the website or in the application and in the “Payments” tab you will see that the invoice for payment is “hanging”. Click "pay", after which the money will be credited to the player's account almost immediately.
  • Gift cards - sometimes this method allows you to buy cheap Valorant points. The cards have different denominations. Previously, they could be purchased in the official community on VK or from partners, but now they are not for sale. Perhaps this is temporary and the developers will resume selling new cards. Now the only way out is to find old, but still relevant cards and enter the codes received after their purchase in the game, which will allow you to get Valorant points, and relatively cheaply.

Of course, there are also illegal methods of topping up the balance in the video game, but you run the risk of contacting scammers, losing money and even losing your account in the Valorant video game. Remember that for violation of the melted gamer can be banned.

Valorant points price

Having in-game currency is naturally of great importance to the player as it allows them to progress faster. And as we have already found out, VPs are bought with real money. Below you can see the prices and understand how much Valorant points cost:

  • 299 rub. – 500 VP
  • 599 rub. – 1050 VP
  • 1,190 rub. – 2175 VP
  • 2,090 rub. – 3850 VP
  • 2,990 rub. – 5550 VP
  • 5,990 rub. – 11500 VP

Please note that it is better to buy more currency, because this way its value is more profitable.

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