How to get skins in Valorant

In the Valorant game, all gamers play with the same weapon, but the developers have come up with skins that allow you to change their appearance and sound effects, but we will tell you how to get them in this article. Of course, for users who spend a lot of time in this game, it is important that the appearance of the weapon is different from other players, because this allows you to show your individuality and stand out from the background of others, and it will be more pleasant for you to look at firearms or melee weapons that have an original design.

Ways to get skins

Considering that Valorant is a free game, and its developers still need to somehow earn money, they introduced donations, which, by the way, are not mandatory, but sometimes it’s hard without them. That is, almost the same system is implemented here as in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive video game. There are three main options for unlocking skins and we will analyze each of them.

Agency contracts

Of course, many gamers are wondering how to get free Valorant skins to save their money. There is such a way. You need to sign contracts with agents. In addition to the fact that this will allow you to unlock many different agents, it will also make it possible to get a skin for a pistol for nothing, but for this you need to upgrade the contract to the end.

Battle Pass

There is another option how you can get skins in the Valorant video game for free, and it is also relevant in 2023. The game has such a thing as a battle pass, which is divided into ten chapters and includes a certain number of levels. In other words, you need to upgrade the battle pass, and for this you need as much as possible:

  • Play and try to win.
  • Complete daily and weekly tasks.
  • Pass tests.

All of the above allows you to eventually get skins, but you should understand that they will not be the most original and mostly only for pistols. The advantage of this method is that this reward is given as a bonus for free and you do not even have to buy the premium version of the pass, although it allows you to get more different rewards.

Shop purchase

Naturally, users are interested in learning how to get skins in Valorant without donation. Unfortunately, those options have run out. The fastest and most convenient, but costly way to become the owner of skins is to buy them with in-game currency, which is purchased with real money.

There is a store in the video game where you can make a purchase, but do not rush to rejoice. Even if you have money, getting the desired skin is not so easy. Their set is limited, so the necessary collection or a certain item sometimes has to wait for months.

After going to the store, look at what skins are available and if the one you need is there, then buy it as soon as possible. Also note that there is a "Offers" section at the bottom. This includes the least requested, most popular or oldest skins.

Night market

Here, gamers can get weapon skins in Valorant at a better price, and you will now learn how to do this. The night market appears in the game without any notification, so be prepared for this.

An icon resembling a playing card will appear at the top right near the “Shop” section, by clicking on which the user gets to the night or, as it is also called, the “black market”. Here you will see 6 cards. Open them all to see what skins you got (they will be unique for each player). The offer is valid for only 14 days, so hurry up to buy the desired skin. They usually offer great discounts.

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