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VALORANT is an online shooter that has gained popularity among many players around the world. There are several reasons why people love to play this online shooter. Many say that this game will surpass CS:GO. By the way, we have described the differences between Valorant and CS:GO here. And the great popularity in the form of tournaments already proves it! In the meantime, we will analyze how you can become a full-fledged player.

Play Valorant

Consider the main reasons why gamers love to play this game.

tactical game

Valorant is a game where you need to show your tactical skills. Each round can be different depending on how you and your team play. It is necessary to constantly make decisions and adapt to a changing situation.

Unique Agents

There are several agents in VALORANT, each with their own unique abilities. This adds variety to the game and allows each player to choose the agent that best suits their play style.

Command mode

Valorant is a story about good teamwork. Each player must understand his role and help his team achieve a common goal. In this game, not only personal skill is important, but also the ability to work in a team.

Opportunity to show your shooting skills

Valorant is a game where you have to show your shooting skills. Good accuracy and quick reactions can make you a winner in combat. Practicing your shooting skills is an important part of the game.


The spirit of competition will make you feel adrenaline always! Many players like to compete with other players and prove their skills. The ranking system allows players to move up the ranking ladder and achieve high scores.

Regular updates

Valorant is a game that is constantly being updated and developed. The developers regularly release new maps, agents, and bug fixes. This allows players to enjoy the game and not get tired of the monotony.

Overall, VALORANT is a game that provides players with many opportunities to showcase their skills and abilities. Each player can find something for themselves in it.

Gameplay Valorant

Where to begin

If you are just starting to play VALORANT, then you may find it difficult and confusing. However, don't worry - in this guide you will find useful tips for beginners that will help you get comfortable in this game.

Get to know the agents. There are many different agents in Valorant, each with their own unique abilities. Start by exploring the capabilities of each agent to see which ones are best for you. For example, if you prefer to play support, you can choose an agent that has the ability to heal his allies.

Customize your settings. Settings affect gameplay and help you play more efficiently. Check out the graphics, controls, and sound settings to find the best settings for your play style.

Learn to shoot. In Valorant, shooting is one of the most important gameplay elements. Learn to headshot to deal more damage and practice with different types of weapons.

Use the situation to your advantage. In Valorant, each map has its own features and hideouts that you can use to your advantage. Explore the map and find the best places to defend or attack.

Communicate with your team. Team play is very important in VALORANT. Contact your allies, use the microphone or chat to communicate and plan tactics. This will help make the game more coordinated and efficient.

Learn different strategies. In Valorant, there are many different strategies and tactics that can be used in the game. Study them and try to put them into practice. This will help you become a more flexible player and adapt to different situations.

Don't forget the economy. Valorant has an economic system that affects your weapons and equipment.
To start playing Valorant, you need to create a Riot account, which gives you access to the game. After that, the player must download the game client from the official website and install it on their PC. The game is completely free and does not require the purchase of a license or additional payments.

Where and how to play Valorant

VALORANT has its own client that provides a user-friendly interface for finding games and chatting with other players. The player can choose the game mode: casual, competitive or other. Each mode has its own rules and objectives. Soon, Riot Games announced the release of a full-fledged mobile version, though without specifying a timeframe.

Valorant also has its own server park which keeps the game running smoothly and reliably. The developers are constantly working on improving the servers and optimizing the game so that players can enjoy the game without delays and problems.

In addition, Valorant has its own store where players can purchase various items for their characters, such as weapon skins, emblems, and other decorations. These items do not affect the gameplay and do not provide advantages over other players, but can be used to customize the character and decorate the game profile.

How to play Valorant

VALORANT also has its own tournaments and leagues where players can compete against other teams and win prizes. These tournaments and leagues provide a high level of competition and give players the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities.

All in all, Valorant is a game that provides many options for players to enjoy the game. Players can play casual game mode, competitive mode, take part in tournaments and leagues, decorate their characters, and enjoy a variety of maps and agents. And if some moment in the game is not clear to you or you encounter a technical error - technical support to answer your any inquiry. It is recommended to download the game from the official site.

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