Technical support Valorant - how to write?

With any game, problems can arise that cannot be solved on their own. Valorant, like many other games, has technical support, whose employees will help players in case of any problems with the game, whether it is an error when starting the game or problems with crediting Valorant Points.

There are short and full instructions here. The full version can be found below, and if you need to submit your request quickly, here is the short version:

  • Visit the site
  • Scroll down the page and press the red button "Send request"
  • Select the type of request that suits the type of problem
  • Sign in to your account if required by the selected request type
  • Fill in the fields with the details of the problem
  • Нажмите кнопку "Send" at the bottom of the page

After sending the request, all that remains is to wait - Valorant technical support cannot immediately respond to all requests, so this may take time. Don't forget to check your mail and spam folder!

Technical support Valorant - website

In order to write to Valorant support, you need to go to her website: The site has many sections with various useful information. If you encounter a problem, you should first try to find the answer on the site: it is quite possible that someone has already encountered the same problem and after a support request, an article with the answer appeared on the site.

Tehpodderzhka Valorant kak napisat 800x392 - Technical support Valorant - how to write?

At the top there is a field for searching for the answer to a particular question, you can use it:

Tehnicheskaya podderzhka Valorant poisk po sajtu 800x324 - Technical support Valorant - how to write?

Scrolling down the page a little lower, you can find a button for writing a letter to support in case, suddenly, the ready-made articles on the site did not answer your question. There are also two dies with interesting and useful articles that you can look at if the headlines suddenly interest you.

Tehnicheskaya podderzhka Valorant interesnye stati i poleznye stati 800x413 - Technical support Valorant - how to write?

How to write to Valorant technical support?

Of course, the site cannot provide answers to all questions and solutions to all problems. For such cases, there are technical support workers ready to help players in a difficult situation. To write a letter and get a response from one of them, you need to press the red "Submit request" button in the middle of the page.

After clicking the button, you will be redirected to a page with a choice of request type. In the drop-down list, you need to select the topic of the request: just a review / question, problems with your account, game, etc. To submit a request for most topics, you will need to be logged into your account, unless this is not possible (for example, when submitting an account loss request). You can do this in the upper right corner of the page or by clicking the button that appears when you select the request type.

After selecting the type of request, text fields will appear on the screen that you will need to fill out. For each type, they are different, but it will not be difficult to fill them in - their content is directly related to the topic of the request. Fields with asterisks must be completed, while others are optional. For example, here is what you will need to specify to send a request about a problem with Valorant Points:

After filling in all the fields, you can click the submit button. Valorant technical support will answer your email, so don't forget to check it often. The answer may take some time, which can be spent on an independent search for solutions on the Internet.

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