Owl valorant. Ability how to play

Owl (Sova) is the sixth agent in the game Valorant, who appeared in it from the very beginning. First-class archery, and is also an experienced hunter, which helps to defeat the enemy. He has reconnaissance abilities, thanks to which he quickly finds enemies and receives maximum useful information about them, which can be valuable for the team. The character can play attack or defense. Together with allies, including Sage, Fade, Breach, you can develop many interesting strategies where the Owl will be quite effective.

Owl agent

Interesting facts about the character

Owl is a Russian agent who knowingly chose such a pseudonym for himself. As you know, owls are very sharp-sighted birds, as well as our fighter, who perfectly owns a bow. He was born and raised in the Arctic in the midst of eternal cold and cold, which undoubtedly hardened his body and spirit. Almost nothing is known about the guy's life before joining the VALORANT Protocol organization, except that he has military experience. Let's get acquainted with some facts from the biography of the fighter:

  • The real name of the Owl in the Valorant game is Sasha Novikov.
  • Codename - Hunter.
  • Country of birth - Russia.
  • Race is a person.
  • The role is the instigator.
  • The main specialization is intelligence.

The guy will track down the enemy, wherever he is hiding and eliminate him as quickly as possible. Owl is a nimble, fast and cold-blooded agent who has a lot of fans who create amazing art drawings of their favorite character in the Valorant game. His enemies call him the man who never misses. Sasha plays the role of a perfect archer, but it is important to remember that he is not perfect and one day he may miss.


The owl, despite its militancy, is a rather balanced and reserved person. He is loyal to his allies, but merciless towards his enemies. The guy appreciates teammates, respects and encourages in every possible way. Agent #6 is definitely a team player who believes in the victory of his comrades. His composure on the battlefield and stamina cheers up allies and raises morale.

Some of the Owl's phrases that he said in the Valorant game confirm his confidence in his abilities, as well as his determination, for example, "Wherever they are, I will find them."

Owl's abilities

Instead of an eye, the agent has a special prosthesis, which, apparently, gives him the ability to shoot accurately. In the shooter Valorant, the Owl uses a folding bow as the main type of weapon, as well as special arrows of various types. Now let's take a closer look at each of his skills:

  1. Basic ability:
  • Shock Arrow - with the help of a bow, the agent fires an electric arrow, which, when it hits the enemy, deals damage to him. When hitting a wall, the arrow allows you to spoil the health of enemies in its field of action. To increase the range of the arrow, you must hold the attack key for at least 5 seconds. With the help of a shock arrow in Valorant, Owl can do many effective throws.
  • Drone Owl - the agent launches a drone, the movement of which he can control. The device flies over different distances, but only until the end of its life. The drone fires special darts at enemies, after which the entire Owl team can see the location of the enemy. By shooting twice at the aircraft, the opponent can shoot it down.
  1. Signature ability:
  • Reconnaissance Arrow - with its help, the Owl is able to detect opponents. After launching it, it will fly in a straight line and activate when it collides with something. Can bounce off walls. The range of the shot is adjusted in the same way as when using a shock arrow.
  1. Ultimate Ability:
  • Hunter's Wrath - Owl simultaneously launches three powerful arrows (impulses) that can pass through walls and destroy even those opponents who have maximum health. In addition, all enemies caught in the pulse area are highlighted, giving away their location.


Owl is a long-range player, skilled at tracking down enemies and reporting their location to her teammates. In addition, the weapon that the Hunter uses is capable of inflicting considerable damage on the enemy. All this makes Agent #6 a very valuable and useful player.

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