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Shop12 in a cage
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wall penetrationpoor

fire types

  • semi-automatic fire
  • Rate of fire: 6,75 shots / sec
  • Shoots 3 rounds at once
  • Reduced accuracy
  • Rate of fire: 2,22 shots / sec


Distance Chassis Head Legs
0 - 30m 26 78 22
30 - 50m 22 66 18

The Classic is a pistol that all players receive upon spawning.

Compared to most other weapons, the Classic deals meager damage. However, its non-existent price tag makes it effective for rounds in which a player or team wishes to save credits for later rounds.

Due to low damage, Classic takes more shots than most to kill. Typically, a classic player should land two or three shots to the head, 7 to the body, or 8 to the legs.

Classic has an alternate fire (right click by default). Fires a three-shot burst with a moderate spread. Thanks to this unique mechanic, the Classic is quite versatile and suitable for both close and medium range. This flexibility gives it an advantage over other secondary weapons that are usually only suitable for a certain range. For example, Shorty and Frenzy are viable almost exclusively at short range, while Ghost and Sheriff are usually used for medium range combat.

Players using the Classic should use alternate fire with care, as it consumes ammo at a faster rate than the weapon's primary fire.


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