How to play valorant with bots

The popular game Valorant from Riot Games is a multiplayer first-person shooter, therefore, it involves teamwork. As it often happens, the failures of one player entail the loss of the whole team, so many gamers are interested in the question of whether it is possible to play Valorant with bots? This game mode is a kind of training, it helps to learn the abilities of your character and hone his skills. This useful feature will allow you to prepare well before a team game so as not to let down your comrades at a crucial moment. In this game, such an opportunity is provided, and how to use it, read further in the article - let's try to figure it out together.

How to play with bots in Valorant

The first step is to understand what bots are. In games, bots are called characters that are controlled by artificial intelligence and perform actions automatically according to a certain scenario. They are designed so that a real player can train, hone his skills on a more vulnerable and less maneuverable opponent, and then show excellent results directly in matches. This is especially true for users who are just learning the game.

So, let's take a step-by-step look at how to enable the bot. To do this, we need to go into training mode. It does it like this:

  1. We go to the point "Test of skill".
  2. Then select "Start", after which the training mode will start.
  3. Now on the keyboard presses the "F3" button, which will open the menu.

In this menu, you can make some settings, for example, choose the speed of the bots, as well as the number of hits (number of kills), after which the training will be considered over. You can also choose an infinite number of rounds, enable or disable the armor of the bots, and also indicate whether they move sideways or not. When all settings are completed, you need to click "Ready", and then "Start" or "Workout". After that, a location will open where you will have the opportunity to work out the mechanics of the battle.

Alternative method

We have told you the most convenient and easiest way to play against bots in the Valorant video game, but there is another option, although this is even more of a trick that not everyone knows about. You can create a robot using the female Sage character. 3

She has the unique ability to resurrect. You need to kill a friend or commit suicide, and then resurrect the character, after which you will find yourself in his body, and a kind of bot will appear instead of the corpse. Of course, it is of little use, since in this case its adjustment is not provided and there are no movements, but with its help you can, for example, learn to aim and shoot.

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