How to fix error code 84 in Valorant

Valorant players have been thrilled with the new update, which has all sorts of exciting things waiting for them. However, many are having difficulty connecting to the game. The online game has introduced an error code called Valorant Error Code 84 in which players lose connection with the game. Many gamers are confused and want to know when Valorant error 84 will be fixed.

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What is error code 84 in Valorant?

Players around the world have installed the latest Valorant update expecting a lot of new features. However, Valorant error code 84 disappointed them as they were unable to connect to the servers. Due to this bug, players are stuck in a disconnect and reconnect loop. This has been happening over and over again for players over the past few hours.

Valorant acknowledged server issues on their official Twitter handle. The team is working to fix the issue quickly. Confirming the issue with Valorant's servers, the developers reported it on Twitter in writing: "We are aware of server shutdown issues in NA/LATAM/BR and are investigating them". The team even apologized for this shortcoming.

How long will it take to solve the problem of error 84 in Valorant?

The Valorant 84 bug is not mentioned on the game's official support site. It takes a maximum of a day for the team to resolve such issues related to Valorant servers. Players can count on the team to resolve the internal issues that are causing Valorant's connection error soon. At the moment, players will have to wait for the team to sort out this issue and present a new update.

Here is what gamers themselves write: “Anyone else got error code 84? This is insanely annoying. I had to restart the game 3 times." While another user noted sadly: “For some reason, errors 84 and 31 pop up.” This has never happened before. Can't play. What's happening?"

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