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The mouse is the main tool for playing computer shooters. The correct mouse sensitivity, which does not change over time, allows the player to quickly aim at opponents, which affects the final outcome of the round and the match as a whole.

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After the appearance of the Valorant game, the shooter began to be called the “CS:GO killer”. Some of the players really not only started playing Valorant sometimes, but also completely switched to the shooter on a permanent basis. Therefore, many began to have a reasonable question of transferring the sense from CS: GO to Valorant.

The sensitivity settings in both games are different. If you set the same value, the sensation during the game will be different. But you can easily transfer the sense from cs go. You need to do a number conversion.

To convert the sensitivity, take the sensitivity value from the COP and divide by 3.18.

The formula looks like this:

sensitivity CS:GO/3.18=Valorant sensitivity.

For example, sensitivity is 1.5. We make the calculation 1.5/3.18=0.47. It is this value that needs to be configured in Valorant.

sensa calculator

In order not to puzzle over calculations, albeit simple ones, we have developed a special sensitivity calculator. Just enter the sense from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and the calculator will automatically convert the value for Valorant. Similarly, you can transfer the sensitivity from other games.

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