The DBS-20 Shorty is a sidearm that is a secondary weapon in Valorant.

Price200 credits
Shop2 in a cage
10 in stock
wall penetrationpoor

Shorty is the cheapest weapon in the game. It costs 200 credits and is a semi-automatic sawn-off shotgun.

This weapon is especially useful for players who want to save credits. It is great for close combat and ambush maneuvers, especially in tight corridors and choke points.

Shorty, unlike Judge, is mostly ineffective at medium to long range due to significant damage drop and weapon crushing.

Due to its small clip size, Shorty excels at quick one-on-one swaps, but the frequent need to reload makes it difficult for him to shoot multiple enemies.



wonder child


  • Shorty's design seems to be based on a variant Sawed Off Stevens 311.
  • Even though the in-game weapon statistics indicate that the Shorty fires 12 bullets per shot, it actually fires 15 bullets.
  • The Shorty bears a striking resemblance to the Super Shotgun from the Doom video game franchise.
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