Fresh patch for Valorant has accelerated the promotion of the rating

Developers from Riot Games released patch 2.02 for the competitive shooter Valorant.
The main changes have affected the rating game:
  • Rating is adjusted according to skill. Players will rank faster. Fewer matches will now be required to get to the right rank.
  • Iron to Diamond players whose personal match performance is significantly above their average skill level will receive additional rating points.
  • The maximum party size for the Diamond rank is 2 players.
  • The current leaderboard position is displayed on the career page in the "Act Rank" section. At the end of the act, the final place in the leaderboard will be saved, which will be displayed on the emblem of the rank of the act.
In addition, the authors reduced the accuracy of shooting rifles while moving, limited the frequency of purchases in the in-game weapon shop to avoid performance issues, and fixed some game bugs.
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