Valorant fixed a bug with penalties for inactivity

Valorant has fixed a bug due to which players did not receive penalties for inactivity in matches. The developers of the shooter announced this on Twitter.

Representatives of Riot Games:
“We fixed a bug due to which AFK penalties were not issued. If you suddenly get an hour-long ban, it's because of your bad habits."

On January 20, Riot Games released a patch that changed the restrictions for inactivity during matchmaking and before the start of the game. The developers explained that they do not want to punish players with a bad connection, but those who intentionally break the rules.

Earlier, Valorant encountered a flaw in the new Yoru agent - players complained that the character falls through the textures and dies. The bug is associated with the Gatecrash skill, with which the agent can set up portals and teleport.

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