Ranks in Valorant

Valorant is an acclaimed multiplayer video game that is the main competitor of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. As with most similar products, Valorant has a rank system or, as it is also called, a rank system. This is necessary in order to indicate the level of the player and determine his skills, that is, to understand how well you play. There are 9 ranks in total, which we will talk about in the article.

How to get a rank in Valorant

When starting to play, you should understand that the rating mode will not open immediately. You will have to play at least 20 normal games to get started and understand the general mechanics. This will allow you to open the rating, but will not allow you to increase the rank, since this will require you to play five calibration matches, after which you will automatically be assigned a rank based on your level of ability. When determining the rank, not only winning or losing is taken into account, but also how effectively the gamer acted during the game.

As you increase your personal ranked play rating, you will gradually increase your rank in the same way. And only after that, matches will become available to you, where opponents will be almost the same level as you (within two ranks from yours). This is convenient, because you will definitely not come across a too strong gamer who will not have a chance to beat due to lack of experience.

What are the ranks in the game

Any fan of team video games in 2023 knows about the existence of the Valorant game, but newcomers are still poorly versed in the title system. Initially, the game had 8 ranks (titles), but after the start of the fifth episode, one more was added. Now there are nine ranks, but each of them (except the last one) contains three more sublevels. In total, the game has 25 ranks, according to which gamers are distributed.

Now it's time to sort out all the ranks in the legendary shooter Valorant in order:

  1. Iron - the initial level, which is usually received by beginners who are still poorly versed in the gameplay.
  2. Bronze - the level is also considered weak, but these players are more or less oriented in the game.
  3. Silver (Silver) - here, gamers are already beginning to understand the mechanics of the game, they can hit the target and use skills.
  4. Gold (Gold) - players with this level already have a good understanding of the capabilities of their agent and understand what features the opponents' characters have.
  5. Platinum (Platinum) - users of this level play relatively well, they are well versed in the maps, they manage the agent perfectly, but sometimes they have flaws.
  6. Diamond (Diamond) - such gamers have a fairly good level of skill, skillfully use all the advantages of their agent, shoot decently, and sometimes even use different cool chips.
  7. heyday (Ascendant - Users with this title are experienced gamers. They are fast and know the principles of the game very well.
  8. Immortal - one of the highest titles. Such players are fluent in weapons and know how to apply various tricks. They are smart and smart.
  9. Radiant - this title is given to the best of the best, real professionals. Usually esportsmen play at this and the previous level. Only those who are in the top 500 best players in their region can get this rank, but in addition, you need to have a high ranked game rating (RGR).

Many are still interested in the question of how to get a title keychain in the Valorant game? So, it is given at the end of the episode for the best act rank, after which you can hang your weapon on it as an original decoration.

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