How to surrender to Valorant without waiting for the end of the game

After the Valorant 1.02 update, the developers introduced the feature of early end of the match. In CS:GO competitive matches, the surrender feature is popular. Sometimes one team is objectively stronger than the other by a head and wins every round without a chance, then it simply does not make sense to play. Or cheaters play for the opposing team, which is very difficult to deal with. Then you can start voting within the team, and if the majority of votes is collected, the match ends ahead of schedule.

To surrender to Valorant, you need to open the chat and enter the command "/surrender". A vote will start, in which each player on the team must take part. In order to give up prematurely, you need to get a majority of the votes. To agree, you must press the F5 key, to refuse - F6. Or write “/yes” or “/no” in the chat. You can also use the "/ff" command to vote.

Use the option that is most convenient for you.

  • If the vote is successful, the game will end at the beginning of the next round. For example, if you are currently playing the 10th round, and during it everyone voted for surrender, then with the start of the 11th round, the match will end.
  • Important! Inaction during the voting will be regarded by the game as a positive vote, so if you are against the early end of the game, vote against.
  • You can offer to surrender in Valorant once per game phase. If any player offers to surrender earlier, then you will still have the opportunity to make a vote.
  • You can give up after the 7th round or immediately after one of the teammates leaves the game for any reason, regardless of which side you play.
  • In case of surrender, according to the developers, the rating gained in the current match is completely canceled.
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