Solving the problem with the "queue is disabled" error in Valorant

After the match has been successfully found, you try to connect to it and a notification window pops up with the error "queue disabled". How often does this happen to you? Do not know what to do and do not understand why such a problem arises? Answers to questions can be found in this guide.

Both in small multiplayer projects and in large ones from the mastodons of the gaming industry, there are technical problems. This issue is related to servers. Not so long ago, gamers met with the inability to join the found session. More and more often, a message appears with the inscription "the queue is disabled." This interferes with normal and stable play in a shooter like Valorant. How long to wait for this problem to be resolved and how to fix it quickly?

"Queue disabled" error and its solution

This problem appears when the user is unable to connect to the game servers due to the shutdown of the main servers. Also, a queue outage occurs during a scheduled server upgrade or maintenance. There are precedents with unplanned downtime. The user will be disconnected from the queue each time the servers are not ready for operation.

Consequently, the this error is not related to the user's bad internet connection or any game/provider settings. There is no need to try to fix everything manually.

During a server outage, you won't be able to find a match or create a session until Riot tech is back up and running. After that, calmly return to the game and enjoy the battles.

Often, shutdown occurs only during scheduled maintenance. Notifications of any work will be displayed in the Valorant game or in the launcher. Also, you can actively follow the news from the developers in their official Twitter account.

In the event of a sudden shutdown, when there was not a single message about the check, it is better to use third-party resources. On Google, you can find different sites for testing servers. One of these is the DownDetector. The graph will show all the latest information for the last time and indicate the reasons for the poor connection of users to the game.

If the failure was unplanned, then it remains only to personally check various communities or sites about the launch and stable operation of the servers. In the case of a scheduled inspection, wait for the specified time to complete the work.

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