How much does Valorant weigh in GB on a computer after installation

In addition to a good computer to meet the system requirements of Valorant, you must have enough free space on your hard drive to download and install the game.

At the moment, Valorant weighs 8,5 GB. Therefore, there should be a little more space on the PC, and ideally a lot.

The fact is, with each update, developers will add new characters, locations, game modes. Due to patches and updates, the weight of the game can increase significantly. It is possible that after a while the installed shooter will weigh 1,5-2 times more.

To find out the exact weight, you need to download Valorant and run the installation file. At the first step, under the "Install" button, the exact volume will be written.

It is worth noting that in order to download and install Valorant, there must be a different amount of GB on the disk. So, when downloading the distribution kit, you need at least 3.6 GB of memory on the disk, and after installation the game will weigh from 8 GB. Therefore, try to free up as much memory as possible for a hassle-free and quick installation, and even more so for the gameplay.

Compared to the same CS:GO, Valorant has half the weight.

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