How to change server in Valorant

The server in Valorant is tied to an account and depends on the region in which you live. The data is determined automatically by the system when creating an account. If the account is registered independently, then the region is almost always determined correctly and the server in the game settings will be set to the most suitable one. An exception is the situation when VPN was enabled during registration and a completely different country/continent was selected, for example, North America. In this case, the account will be tied to another region and server, which will result in a high ping. The advantage for residents of Russia will be the work of voice chat.

You can find out which server is assigned to your account on the settings page inside the main menu of the game. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner. Next, click on "Details".

The Server tab will show the current settings.

EU - European servers

How to change the server

At the Valorant closed beta testing stage, some players watched foreign streams in the hope of getting a key. But, after the game fell out, the region in the account did not correspond to reality, since it was automatically determined by the location of the streamer. Accordingly, the player is thrown to servers that were, for example, in America, and the ping just went off scale, reaching 200. Then many players tried to change the server in Valorant. In this case, you can make a replacement through the support service.

Create a request, explain the situation that Valorant was received when the key fell out of the American stream. Support will clarify some data. You need to provide all the information, agree to the change and processing of personal data. After processing the request, the support will correct the data for real data and send an e-mail about it.

If the server for your account is defined correctly, but the game says “High average ping”, then we recommend using our recommendations in the article: how to lower ping in valorant.

In an attempt to replace a server that matches your geographic location, support is unlikely to help. The solution may be to create a new account with the desired country pre-set in the VPN settings. When registering, the system will determine the region by IP address and assign the most suitable server, which will be able to play with minimal data transfer delays. This is often done for enable voice chat in Russia.

Server Status

Unfortunately, a page has not yet been developed on which it would be possible to monitor the operation and stability of the servers. But, you can follow various crashes in the game, massive problems that have arisen through the official Twitter page ( or on the support site ( In the latter case, various notifications are shown at the top of the page.

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